The beneficial effects of mushrooms on diabetes, high blood pressure and internal antioxidants have already been reported in many clinical case studies.

Our company focuses on wood cauliflower and shiitake mushrooms which contain higher levels of beta-glucan and aims to achieve a healthy, beautiful ageing society through the scientific analysis of the anti-cancer, anti-tumor and anti-Alzheimer’s effects of these mushrooms.

CEO interview

CEO Konishi Hisao and Kubo Masahide

Konishi: Our business has finally started in the US.
Kubo: Come to think of it, we met 25 years ago. We are where we are today is because we both agreed that we should try to solve the many issues faced by the Japanese mushroom industry in the US as part of our international strategy.
Konishi: We set ourselves high goals in researching the theme of health functionality of mushrooms at a pharmaceutical product level and intend to introduce wood cauliflower mushrooms to the health food market and shiitake mushrooms to the fresh food market.
Kubo: That’s right. Expectations of wood cauliflower mushrooms are currently increasing with the publication of good clinical results for the prevention of tumors and Alzheimer’s. Recognition of the famous Japanese shiitake mushroom is increasing in the US and I think that the large, prolific cultivars that we are currently developing will fit well in the US market.
Konishi: There has been rapid progress in recent analytical technology for the health functionality of mushrooms and were are now in an era in which it is possible to discuss substance level medicinal effects, in other words, pharmacology.
Kubo: Yes. We can start evolving our 2nd generation cauliflower mushroom and shiitake mushroom business in the US. Let’s work hard to make this happen!

Aims of establishing this company

  1. To conduct business that contributes to the health and, in particular, longevity of people through the beneficial effects of mushrooms.
  2. To focus on the excellent effects on health and adult diseases of substances contained in Cauliflower mushrooms and to conduct research, production and sale of these.
  3. To research, produce and sell shiitake mushroom mycelium and raw shiitake mushrooms as they have a great effect on health promotion.
  4. To investigate cultivars of other mushrooms that contribute to health promotion and effective substances contained in them and to conduct research, productions and sale of these.
  5. To conduct business pertaining to the above.