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FFT USA has its own unique mushroom cultivation technology authorized by USDA Organic and intends to cultivate cauliflower mushrooms and shiitake mushrooms in the US.

Cauliflower mushrooms and shiitake mushrooms have excellent health benefits and effects that prevent adult diseases and we aim to achieve a healthy, beautiful ageing society by conducting scientific analysis and research of these.

Mushroom cultivation technology

  • 1.Making the medium

  • 2.Filling

  • 3.Sterilization 4.Cooling

  • 5.Inoculation

  • 6.Cultivation 7.Sprouting

  • 8.Cutting the bag

  • 9.Growing

  • 10.Harvesting

Mushroom research

photo of petri dishWe know that components contained in cauliflower mushrooms have effects on Type II diabetes, Type I hypersensitivity and liver failure in 6 month clinical studies on humans. There are also various effects such as NK cell reactivation, promoting collagen production or controlling rises in blood pressure.

Furthermore, FFT USA has succeeded in developing fermented cauliflower mushroom lactic-acid bacilli (over 10 billion/g) and is in the process of accumulating unprecedented clinical data.